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emissions where we can. so, we are coming here to you as kind of the vanguard of this, but eventually this will be a very mundane and tedious rule making process pushing you to have more clean power, have more local power and reduce emissions. we're trying to get this started sooner than later [inaudible]. >> thank you. next speaker, please. good afternoon again, commissioners. eric brooks. so, i just wanted to encourage the lafco in any energy endeavors that it goes forward with to definitely -- since he spoke today, you probably know that one of the recommendationses we made to you folks is to use department of environment staff as well. we've seen that they have been ready to go on program like cleanpowersf and doing other renewable energy projects and efficiency projects and their involvement will be key. along the same lines, in a little bit of a critical vein, it would be good to know what's
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going on with the climate action plan that was recently put out because originally it mentioned cleanpowersf, among other things, and now it's not the same. it would be good to find out when we're going to have a hearing on that and maybe in lafco if necessary. and then finally, one of the thing that will make it possible to fund the clean energy is to develop a public bank and we hadn't heard much about that. so, just wanted to get the status on that from chair avalos and perhaps staff. thanks. >> thank you very much. we will have a hearing on march 31st related to the climate protection plan, and that was also something that my pdf, the original pdf that went out on that, jeremy pollack in my office searched for the words cleanpowersf in that document and he found that it was actually embedded in there in
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meta data. you could cut and paste the section where it was in and put it in the word document and it revealed that cleanpowersf was part of the climate protection plan and it was within the plan, a goal -- actually two goals one residential and one for commercial. the residential goal was to have 100% renewable energy on a residential side by 2030 and it was 80% for the commercial side. that information was redacted from the climate protection plan, i assume, while it was being, you know, [speaker not understood] before it what released. the data plan [speaker not understood] we didn't get it issued until 2014. and last i heard, 2014, its was not 2013. okay, any other member of the public who would like to comment? seeing none, we will close public comment. [gavel] >> and do we have any other items before us? >> actually, chair avalos, can i just make a comment -- >> commissioner mar. >> what mr. holtz man said
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about the role of 350 bay area. i'm one of the members of the bay area air quality management district and have been for several years ~. i would just caution you about speaking of yourself and your organization as a vanguard. there are many environmental justice groups that have been working on issues of climate change and climate justice for many, many years. i think 350 bay area is a critical organization that's really been taking a lead on many levels and i would just caution you to speak in those terms of yourself. the young people that have been at the white house and were today protesting the key stone excel i think are really taking a lead. and my hope is that the whole environmental movement can really embrace younger people, environmental justice groups, native american nations and others as we all move forward together. but i really appreciate all the work of [speaker not understood] strong and really better commitments from the bay area air quality management district and the leadership that you guys show, but also in the interest of building a
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broader environmental movement for the future of all of our communities, but thank you. >> okay. do we have any other items before us? and did you the public utilities commission have to do their own close out for this hearing? so, if there are no other item before us, we are adjourned. [gavel] watching.
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and hey entices we welcome a new week and new most that's welcome some new flavors. this friday kick a off 2014 with live music and analogy games at broadway's stereos in the union square and meet people and now and the price of admission is leaving our digital things at the demeanor. we will have a donation book project so support our local library. then on sunday chiblth 2014 at
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the embarcadero from 12 to fit we will transform the space and there's rock and hip hop dances this is san francisco official block pirate you, you know, that's going to be great for more information visit us an san franciscoloud. >> is here. >> yeah.. the administrator ms. kelly is here my farther supervisor katie tang is here and supervisor yee is here and freddie price and john is here with the 3 doggy
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heads man i didn't memo and jack and the school is here loyola >> yeah. we have diane scott. it wasn't quite a glorious day when the doggie diner feel detain from its perch. it was very sad i wondered if the defendant's exhibit no. i think was going to be up here thanks to an amazing community work and the dpw head the doggy head was put back up. now like most celebrities the doggie diner had to get work down and thank you to the
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amazing dpw surgeons i want to bring up the doggie diners best friend mayor ed lee >> tammy thank you, very much this is dear to you happy valentine's day everyone this is where i like to spend my valentine's day. we did so for many years after the falling of the our doggie diner head and the responsibility the city took place as an example for support for something that's part of our history. i know the historic beach society is here they appreciated what we did and john log did moot example of what we can do with the doggie diner head he's been responsible for you want to
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thank him over 51 thousands of funds raised to kick start this (clapping) and i hope john that we can provide the example of what they will look like it's fit and shiny and with the honor of the history no big changes >> beautiful work. >> thank you, thank you. i want to say welcome elementary school fifth graders. >> yeah. >> i know those are moments they can enjoy the history as well but they social themselves with a fun icon and i am so happy to be here with you and guess what their wearing giant shirts and that's because of the
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great work of public works they've taken the pledge to honor as kids and they take care of their neighborhood so you've taken a great pledge and you understand what the giant sweep means it's using baseball and i want to thank our supervisors they also worked not only to keep their neighborhoods clean and beautiful but to honor us with their appreciation with this history and that's part of our cities history so thank you supervisor tang and supervisor yee and our city administrator and public works director and staff is here. they're part of the magic as tammy said they're the sculptures because it's their little inside talent that pulled this off for me. over 10 years ago when we said look we could utilize the skill
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set of our city flez employees they took their time and came back and said by the way, that pole you used to have next to the restaurants we need a sturdy pole that won't fall down when the winds get tough and honor this for a very long, long time. i was out here mohammed and naomi said can we get a little facelift before valentine's day so you see the product of what john lay would do the same with the heads it's perfection from a historians violative i like taking over this boulevard for the right reaps and for all our
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doggie diner thufkz how about a clap >> thank you, everyone for helping all of us revisit our history and appreciate our neighborhoods and art and appreciate icons and all the things it means to us and while we can't take ourself back to the 1960s if they're good things why don't we will make sure we continue good things for our city. thank you very much for sharing this moment it's fun to be out here (clapping.) all righty thank you so much mayor ed lee. there are snacks back there and posters to memorize this
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wonderful day let's bring up katie tang the supervisor. >> good morning, everyone this is a my good friend john over there. >> hi. well, welcome everyone i had the great pleasure of living here i drive by the doggie diner everyday. i thank you to dpw and everyone who takes care of the doggie diner heads. we're in our office we have a coloring we put together and it was put together by ashley and we feature the doggie diner head it's a cool part of our district and today, i want to thank everyone for being here and celebrating many days valentine's day and wish
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everyone a happy day thank you very much (clapping.) i want one of those coloring books katie. i see the lines now also on that side of the street is another supervisor district 7th district they share the doggie diner head so next up supervisor yee (clapping.) thank you you know, i. so jealous that it's not on my side of the street (laughter) but i guess anyone else can visit the zoo and will get to see the dog head. i want to say one thing the first doggie diner that opened in san francisco came in 1949. i want to say that was the junior i was born so i'll also remember this as a symbol of it
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(laughter) now everybody knows how would i am. i want to really thank the kids for being here and helping to celebrate it momentous day. what do you think >> i like it a lot. >> there we go; right? you know, i want you to i can't remember seeing a head that's that beautiful good job dpw thank you very much (clapping.) you mention a fungus someone told that because those dogs are manny mow and jack now i know it shares a interest with supervisor yee maybe we can name it norman. next up our administrator naomi
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kelly (clapping.) happy valentine's day everyone. all right. u love elementary school who let the dogs out >> we did, we did. >> i just want to thank the men and women of dpw especially the theme cert and the automotive painter they are the teams that worked on the recession project and poured a lot of love does he sparklin sparkling? it is a great landmark this doggie diner head was the advertisement forbidding for the doggie diner recuperate a block away and now it's a city
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incongruous people get to enjoy this and people visiting the san francisco zoo we get to all enjoy this beautiful doggie diner head with a new fresh coat of painted we have a lot to celebrate today. thank you (clapping.) so naomi was talking about and the mayor ed lee and supervisor yee now to get some real background on the doggie diner head we'll bring up ms. scott >> hi, i'm a neighborhood resident and co-founder of the ocean beach historical society ordered in 1999, to help small business owners. try to get this gentleman's leaseback we didn't succeed in
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saving that business but it took off because of the doggie diner. this is for v nor valentine's day and v for victory both are connected to the heart why did the doggie diner become an icon first of all, because it's fun. the late howard who designed it founded the first doggie diner by the beach a block away and wanted to work with walt disney and it didn't happen but he create art have a high goal and continue doing wasn't you want. many bay residents love this this reminds them of the beach and the pole where the parking lot is now. new visitors to this
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neighborhood love it because of the way it gets us to laugh on foggy and ation i didn't days we know it as the object of the spearhead prevention that's the doggie diner design it became a symbol of love for the people of the neighborhood of something we're fighting to save it made front page news and people signed petitions we ate at the recuperate that was b.a. pa block away including then supervisor gavin newsom and supervisor yee made that part of his campaign people worked together to save is and have fun. still that wasn't enough so mother nature gave the battle a push and the windstorm it was in
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april of 2003 something had to be done is mayor ed lee got a nose job and paint job and it looks like it is restored. the moral is don't give up on something you love or find it right find people who think like you do and you'll have victory and fun (clapping.) yeah. >> thank you very much. and talking someone you'll notice the kick start campaign the man wholesale been taking manny mow and jack around in a truck >> 20 years. >> the conserving of the dog head john.
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>> thank you tammy and i really want to thank the city for doing an amazing job on the dawn dog. i'm a professional sign maker and the job the corporation did on it this dog head it is shinier then back in the 60s. i want to say when i first came to san francisco i sue the doggie diner head. i took battering over to berkley and many years it was chaez and this was a million years ago i was a kid and thought that place is crazy this is where i want to be right here over a restaurants they've got this giant dog head. i forgot about it and i ended up
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with a series of accidents and ended up to take to party and ended up with a second one and i i7b9d up with a third one when my girl found it in the in return. we've doing this for years and it's expensive those things are 10 feet high the van i haul them around it eats up the gas we raised up enough money to restore the dog and do the best testimony job we could and once again that's a buff job and wombs having them rotating on our truck and we're going to continue to take them to parades
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in the city we don't charge we bring them out to events. and again seeing that dog head when it popped out at battery and new 38 years later only san francisco, california you have something like the doggie diner it is a commercial icon has become something else else entirely and i hope we're born a long time after the doggie diner but your grandparents and parents went them they go there after a ball game and eat a hamburger or whatever and we're going to try to keating keep it part of our interesting and completely unique history in
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this town. thank you very much everybody (clapping.) all right. so your final little comments are from the folks is there something you want to say to the doggie diner >> yeah. >> what are you going to say. >> happy valentine's day. >> 1, 2, 3. >> valentine's day. yeah. >> all right. the loyola school don't forget to pick up a condemn active poster a part of the
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morning. >> good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us i know you'd probably like to be at the bay bridge. i want to thank you mayor ed lee for welcoming us as we introduce
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a piece of legislation that lo will allow us to fight the good fight for the accreditation of city college of san francisco but to roar it's enforcement and stabilize it's fund. all 3 pieces go together. i'll be introducing two hour speakers the superintendant of the san francisco succinct and the community college erick skinner and we are community college san francisco trust if he ann anita as well as jenny from chinese affirmative action and i believe alyssa from the
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local a ftc f t. so again, we all know there are great challenges to observer about beau loved college college of san francisco for its accreditation. city college i don't need to reaccount it's on the only portal for hire education and for workforce training. it's also one of san francisco's largest employers and a great customer to san francisco's small businesses. we must sustain our san francisco city college. the news is good the chancellor is well aware of what needs to be accomplished to save this month important campus and district of the one hundred and
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12 if i can be bold. so he has every incentive and i'm consist it will get down. in spite of the of the good news and the progress we're making that there are some who would otherwise enroll in san francisco who are not. we have to make sure we do that we've lost 16 percent of enforcement. to positive expectation accreditation will be sustained and the message is everyone who wants to enroll should and we'll make sure no one is going to get dropped and we have to stabilize funding and that's the point of this bill. without the stabilization of funding what happens is what is the known as a visible cycle.
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students don't enroll and as a result faculty have to be leadoff and it gets smaller and smaller. that's why we have to stabilize the funding. the bill makes it relating minor amendment there's a single year of funding stabilization in california statute. for example, in the 2013-2014 school year the funding level is the aim as 1213. could leaguer to call 2013-2014 the base funding but 2014-2015 we'll stick with the funding and going into 2015-2016 the funding will be no less than that 75 percent and then 90 percent and
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the last year out will be in the morning that 85 percent. i say, no less than it's our hope as we get to the outer years reinforcement will be on the rise but it's a safety net a basin so we can work to restore enrollment and all through the process of sustaining accreditation. what will trigger the use will be a significant risk to accreditation. so we know that criteria is already met by san francisco. in the bill will be a second criteria. i want to clarify that e

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